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Different Colors
You’ll notice that different kinds of rosin have a variety of colors: green, red, clear, etc. Why are the rosins different colors? This is because rosin is made from various trees, and it is harvested at different times of the year. You’ll also notice that sometimes there are different resins with different kinds of metals in them. A great is an example is our Pirastro Gold-Flex rosin.
Dark Rosin vs Light Rosin
These different kinds of rosin are separated into light rosin (clear, light red, yellow) and dark rosin (dark green, dark red, etc.) Light rosin is a harder kind of rosin and can be more sticky, while dark rosin is a softer kind of rosin that cakes on the bow hair more easily. It also is a little bit more sticky than the dark rosin can be. Dark rosin tends to bring a rich, mellow tone, while light rosin brings a generally brighter tone.
Different Instruments
There is also rosin made for specific instruments. You probably knew that you have to buy rosin made specifically for the bass, but did you know that you can also buy rosin made specifically for the violin, viola or cello.
Which rosin should you buy?
Musicians like to experiment with rosins to find the best rosin for their instruments and the type of music they enjoy playing. It is good to think about the kind of sound that you want out of your instrument when purchasing rosin.
Some of our favorite rosin:
Jade: Our Jade rosin is a great dark rosin option. It is highly recommended by many teachers. If you are unsure about which rosin to purchase, this is always a great go-to rosin.
Pirastro Gold-Flex: Our gold-flex rosin is a great light rosin option. It is a little stickier and great for articulate and fast passages.
Pirastro Cello: This rosin is a great light rosin for the cello. It is very sticky which is great for pulling those big strings, and it also creates a nice, even tone.
Gustave Bernardel: This rosin is widely known for its high quality. This dark rosin is very light and sticky similar to light rosin, but it is also very even and rich like dark rosin.
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